More Thoughts to the all Important Issue of Acceptance

More Thoughts to the all Important Issue of Acceptance

In order to accept another person for who they are and how they act, it is important to feel secure in who you are yourself. I think to be in a successful relationship, you need to have spent time learning about yourself and be willing to go on with that learning. True acceptance implies not only taking the person for who they are, but rejoicing in that difference. There is a noticeable lack of power struggles, when one practices acceptance, and an absence of needing ‘to be right’. None of this is really possible unless you do not feel challenged in who you are yourself. I heard someone giving relationship advice who said, “pick your battles”. I thought, well why battle at all! Let things go unless they concern core issues. Being ‘right’ does not usually get you where you want to go. Finding words and styles of communication that bring peace and loving support is what most of us are truly looking for. Exploring the wonder of another person can be one of the most exciting things open to us in life. First we are attracted to the difference, but all too often we then spend all the rest of the time trying to get rid of all difference and make it just like us. How boring! You already have yourself. Relax and enjoy and Accept the otherness!

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