Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we wrote about how coming from love rather than fear changes your relationships. We find this one of the fundamental ways of looking at yourself and all relationships. Here are some articles on this very important topic.

Choosing Love Not Fear “The choice to reject fear and choose love can feel like something that only applies to moments of crisis, when we’re leaving a marriage, starting a new business, preparing to climb Mount Everest. But in truth, the opportunity to choose love and reject fear presents itself in the smallest moments of life, and specifically, in relationships with those closest to us. Love over fear is a choice every time someone tells us something about ourselves or has an experience of us that we don’t want to hear.”

How To Keep Choosing Love Over Fear “In these past few years, my monumental to-go quote is, “Love over fear, over and over again.” I cannot really pinpoint exactly that first specific moment in my life where love, over fear came up. But what I do know is, Love and Fear became a consistent, ever-evolving and flowing topic in my life. Even to this present day, and I hope it always will. Love and fear are two dominant, primal states of being. I largely believe that most emotions can either be categorized into the love or fear category. At any given situation in our lives, all of our decisions stem from our emotions; either consciously or unconsciously. My purpose here today is to invite awareness to your emotions.”

How Fear Can Impact Your Relationship And What You Can Do About It “Whether or not you are aware of it, fear is most likely impacting at least one aspect of your relationship. The likelihood is that you don’t even know it’s happening. Awareness, owning your own feelings and behaviors, understanding your triggers, not blaming each other, and talking about things are all antidotes to the symptoms of fear.”

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