Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner


In this week’s blog article we wrote about how to make every day Valentines Day in your relationship. Other writers offer their suggestions.

Spread The Love! 10 Ways To Make Every Day Valentine’s Day “The importance of giving material things has been greatly over-emphasized. In the end, the greatest Valentine’s gift of all to the one you love is the gift of your time. Over the past 32 years, our marriage research in 48 countries on all seven of the continents of the world supports this concept.”

What Would Your Relationship Be Like If You Treated Your Partner Every Day Like It Was Valentine’s Day? “But relationships can stand the test of time. The ‘secret’ to keeping your partnership strong and healthy is to treat each day as if it were your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Can you imagine what would happen if you made your relationship top priority? What shape would it be in if you both paid attention to all the small details every day?”

Relationship Rx — Make Everyday Valentine’s Day “Why wait for that one day a year to show and tell your sweetie how much you love them — especially a day when everybody and their grandmother expresses the same sentiments for their loved ones as well?”

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