Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog we wrote about growth and change in the new year. These articles offer resolutions for the new year and observations on personal growth.

New Year’s Resolution for Your Relationship: More Kissing “What’s a fast way to stay more connected with your partner in the new year? How about more kissing? Daily kissing. Not just a peck, but real contact. What does a kiss do? Well, it may just do more than you think and everything you need.”

New Year’s resolutions for your relationship “Lots of people make a New Year’s resolution, but how many have resolved to improve their relationship this January? While you might take the annual vow to lose weight, save money or stop biting your finger nails, it’s easy to forget the resolutions that could improve things not just for you, but your partner and children too.”

How To Use Your Relationship For Spiritual Growth “Intimate relationships present us with one of our best opportunities for growth. They often trigger our deepest, oldest wounds. They’re supposed to do this. Why? So we can heal. Ideally, the relationship becomes a safe container and a crucible for transformation for each of you individually, and for the relationship as a whole. In order to use it as such, you need one major thing: Radical honesty. Bring all your issues with you to your relationship. Share them.”


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