Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week our blog is about not fighting about the little things in your relationship, aka which way should the toilet paper go? Here are a few articles on this topic with some excellent suggestions on how to work with this issue.

However, we approach this quite differently. Our experience is that it is possible to completely sidestep anger and fighting, and such a transformation completely alters the handling of disagreements within your relationship. Transformation is something that takes place in an instant – it was this way and now it is not. We think you will enjoy and be able to use our ideas and the ones presented in the articles we have selected. Pick and chose what will work for you, but do consider something new, like a complete transformation!

Choose Your Battles: Fighting Less in Relationships “We made everything an issue. I’ve since learned that healthy relationships require a little discernment as to what’s a problem and what’s just small stuff; and that sometimes, the instinct to sweat all that small stuff is a sign of a bigger problem—that the relationship may just not be right.”

6 Things Every Couple Should Stop Doing “…this got me thinking about all the failed relationships and marriages I’ve witnessed over the years, and what they had in common. So I started jotting down notes, and before I knew it I had the perfect outline for this post – six things every couple should stop doing.”

11 Hints for Resolving Relationship Irritations “But while we’re taught not to sweat the small stuff and to pick our battles, it’s these tiny transgressions that can build and become big stumbling blocks in a relationship.”

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