Month: January 2012

The Freedom to Say Anything

I love what you say about our ease in talking because I have had the “we need to talk” speech from so many other people.
So what’s the difference? Was I mutated by a bombardment of cosmic rays? No, I think everyone has, somewhere at least, a need to talk, to express themselves, to be seen.
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We often give cards to each other, so by now we each have a large collection. We looked through them recently, and I particularly liked this one. The card says “Greetings from the State of BLISS“, and the inscription says…
…or should it be “Greetings to the State of Bliss”, or maybe to the person that causes my state of bliss, or maybe there’s only one state of bliss that we share, or maybe it is hubris to claim that either of us is responsible for this state of bliss, and we should give thanks for the grace that caused it, yet surely there is no outside agent; the bliss is its own cause.
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The Internet Will Enable World Peace

In today’s world, knowledge of others is greatly expanding because of video, social media and the Internet. When people around the world connect, see each other and communicate, they can identify with and recognize the humanity in strangers everywhere. This is an unprecedented capability that has only existed for a few years, but is already having an effect, e.g.
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Belated Happy New Year

We made a Happy New Year video — it’s not too late for our wishes to work:

We also started tweeting as @PhilAndMaude, so follow us and say Hi.
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