We’ve got a new article printed in Awareness Magazine!

We’re really excited about our new article in the May/June issue of Awareness Magazine, available in print and online at How to Make Joint Decisions without Conflict. We’d love your feedback on what you think of the article and if it was useful to you. Please pass it on and share it with anyone you think would enjoy it.

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4 Comments on “We’ve got a new article printed in Awareness Magazine!

  1. This is a lovely article! Very wise and loving. Coincidentally, today is my parents 42nd wedding anniversary, and my mom and I took my dad and stepmom to breakfast. We each shared what we thought contributed to a lasting relationship/marriage. My stepmom said “try to imagine the possibility, however remote, that you yourself might be wrong!” My dad said “respect, and not getting stuck holding a position.” It’s like they read your article – no wait, I guess they lived your article!

  2. great article you two. really enjoyed it/ quite revealing. It’s an important discussion for couples to have. I think there would be less divorce and breakups if people would embrace this.

  3. When you want to state your point of view helpfully, the “I” statement formula can be useful. An “I” statement says how it is on my side, how I see it.

  4. This isn’t easy to do! It’s hard to do what this text requires in the best of times. Even when I’m getting along well with others I still find it natural to put my self-interest first. But, when you’re in the midst of conflict with other believers, doing what Philippians 2 requires is more than hard. It’s impossible . . . without God, that is. It challenges the very fiber of our being. It calls us to counter-intuitive and counter-cultural humility. And we’re just not wired to do this sort of thing apart from divine help.

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