The Power of Being Present Within a Relationship

“When you are not filled with projections of how things should or could be, not filled with thoughts of the past or the future, then you wind up occupying the present. This act of being present brings many marvels with it. It leads to new and exciting experiences. It imbues shared experiences with a quality of creativity and co-creativity. Presence is a matter of the degree to which you are focused on the events in front of you. Being present is responding to what is actually happening, rather than reacting according to your previous experiences or future concerns. When in presence, you are not busy trying to create a specific future outcome.”

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1 Comment on “The Power of Being Present Within a Relationship

  1. Dear Maude, Once again you have presented a fresh, clear, concisely written article on an optimal state of relationship which is attainable by anyone with the sincere desire to transform their habitual ways of experiencing people and reality. What’s more, you practice what you preach. This I know from knowing and observing you and your husband. You teach out of your own enlightened experience (wisdom) and accomplishments. When I read your words, I feel they are pervaded by the presence whereof you speak. The result is a state of calm and boundless space, possibility in every direction. Beautiful contribution to the literature on relationship! Love and light, Elisabeth

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