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Some of My Favorite Virginia Satir Quotes

As some of you know, I am a big fan of Virgina Satir. As Phil and I have been working on the new book, we have been looking around for great quotes we like to intersperse with the text.
Here are a few of my favorites from Virginia Satir:
Is my past illuminating my present or contaminating it?
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Abundance Without Attachment

I just read a very inspiring piece in the NYT entitled “Abundance Without Attachment.” He writes:
for those of us blessed to be above poverty, attachment to money is a means-ends confusion.
Three practices can help.

First, collect experiences, not things.
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What We Want

Though there may be some people with a direct line to what they truly want, nearly everyone could benefit from knowing better their real desires.
What blocks this is layers. A lifetime of layers. A lifetime of being told how we should be; how we should act; what we should want; what we should admire; what we should approve of; what we should look like; what we should say.
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I’m Me and You are You!

Excerpt from “Secrets of a Successful Relationship Revealed” pgs. 18 – 19
“I’d like to try to break down some of the qualities that seem so important to how we are with each other.
One factor that seems critical is not only accepting the other person for who they are, but also celebrating with joy who they are, feeling a deep abiding affection and respect for the other.
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Is it Important to Be Right?

One of the things that I love about how we are together is the lack of either one of us ‘needing to be right’ or being concerned with ‘who is right’. When we listen to each other as we are talking together, we are actually listening.
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The Power of Being Present Within a Relationship

“When you are not filled with projections of how things should or could be, not filled with thoughts of the past or the future, then you wind up occupying the present. This act of being present brings many marvels with it.
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