Why Will Belief and Intention Make Your Relationship Successful?

Why Will Belief and Intention Make Your Relationship Successful?

We have a wonderful relationship. We just flow through life together. We don’t ever clash. We are never alienated. And there’s nothing complicated about what we do. There are just a few things to avoid and a few practices to do, and bingo, it works.

When we first started sharing our experiences in our first book Secrets of a Successful Relationship, we often heard comments like “Well, how is that possible,” or “You are probably just suppressing your feelings,” or “Are you guys for real?

You just have to believe that’s how it is for us. That it’s possible. We offer our life together up to you for proof. If you need further convincing, think of other people you’ve met or read about who fit that description, even if it took them a long time to get there.

For us, it is the way it is because that’s what we want. We really, really enjoy having a peaceful, passionate, harmonious relationship, and so that’s what we have. In other words, we intend to have a relationship like this, and so that is what manifests. It’s a choice, it really is. If, say, you intend to reach Las Vegas by Thursday, exterior forces may conspire to thwart you, but in a relationship, being peaceful is an interior choice the two of you make together.

Now, it’s true that, as mentioned above there are a few practices to do, and that brings us to the answer to another comment we’ve gotten “That’s fine for you, but what do we do?

This question in its various forms led us to write our second book How Two: Have a Successful Relationship, where we outlined our process and shared information on making this type of relating a reality in your life.

Some of the critical components to this type of relationship are:

  • The belief and intention to have a peaceful relationship
  • Matching core values
  • Accepting your partner as a complete, separate and unique individual
  • Spending time dedicated to being together
  • Solving problems and making decisions as a process of finding mutual solutions
  • Applying good communication skills e.g. active listening
  • Always remembering you are on the same side

We all have a bit of happily-ever-after; find it, believe it & make it a reality #quote Click To TweetApplying these and other skills is important to the health of a relationship. However, belief and intention are primary. You have to be able to visualize and believe in a peaceful way of being together and then have the intent, the active decision to make it so.

Of course, the other thing you need is a partner with the same belief and intention. Someone like that may be hard to find, but knowing what you’re looking for will make it that much easier. With a partner like that, you can create a mutual vision for your relationship. This can be a wonderful and playful part of your together time and will set you on the road toward acting with awareness of the importance of harmony.

So believe it is possible. We all have a bit of happily-ever-after left inside us; find it, believe it and make it a reality.

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