The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

Dear Maude,

I like your AAA Post – that we all want to be accepted, appreciated and acknowledged.

You hint in the title “Do Unto Others…” of a necessary symmetry, which is, of course, the golden rule: do as you would be done by. The power of this idea was reinforced for me when I read the Wikipedia entry showing that it exists in all religions. But more than that, its main appeal is that it is a pure application of thought, by which I can imagine myself in your place.

I can scarcely conceive of a human without imagination, yet it seems that so often, people are unable to exercise it, like a mother-in-law who is so certain of her approach to child rearing that she cannot imagine her son’s wife has different ideas.

But when we can place ourselves in our partner’s position, even imperfectly, and see that, like us, they want to be accepted, appreciated and acknowledged, then we have the opportunity to act in those ways.

And when we do, then (quoting you) that liberates them and allows them to be free and share their inner selves with us.

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