Some Ideas For the New Year

Some Ideas For the New Year

p+mAffirmations For The New Year

If you like ritual and celebratory activities, here’s one we find really good for starting a new year. Why not speak some affirmations of love, as well as your belief and intention toward peace in your relationship. Have fun making up your own. Here are some we like:

  • We are always on the same side.
  • Solutions only work when they are good for both of us.
  • I accept you as a complete separate individual.
  • I intend and believe that we have a relationship dedicated to love and peace.
  • I see you, hear you, accept you, appreciate you and will acknowledge you.
  • I will not take you for granted.
  • I will talk with you and share myself

Survey Results Are In

We are happy to announce that the results of the survey of the best blog posts of 2015 are in and we want to share them with you. It was fascinating to find out what you all thought were the most helpful posts and we so appreciate you taking the time to reread and to give us your feedback. We want our blog posts to offer the most to the reader, so this information is really helpful. Here are the three winners. Click on the links to read the full articles.

  1. How to Reach Agreement Without Compromise
    The very principle behind compromise suggests that it is necessary to give something up in order to get something else, so loss or defeat is an intrinsic aspect of the process. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but it is very different from ours. We do not use compromise for making decisions and reaching agreement. Instead, we have found a process by which neither of us winds up giving anything up. Neither does one of us wind up getting “their way”, as it were.
  2. How to be Successful in Your Relationship: Good Communication
    Another very critical aspect of successful relationships, especially long term relationships, is to develop and maintain deep and ongoing communication.
  3. How to Avoid Power Struggles in Your Relationship
    The issue of power, of who has it and how it is exercised, doesn’t play a part for us, and there is a very good reason. Our relationship is based on a foundation of celebrating and honoring the uniqueness of each of the partners. This practice obviates the need for any one-upmanship. Each partner is complete as they are.

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