Intention Toward Peace and Acceptance Within a Relationship

DSCN3968 Dearest,
In our talk over the last few days, an element of our discussion on acceptance has caught my attention and I keep thinking about it. The other night when we were sharing about this topic, you mentioned how it takes intention to be accepting. I think you hit upon a really important point that we should develop in our writing. It is true. You have to have the intention toward peace. You have to have the intention to accept. You have to have the intention to find harmonious ways of being together. It also takes a certain level of commitment to these intentions. You have to be there with your whole self and stand there in the joy of sharing with the other. You have to be committed to presence, to offering yourself and accepting the other.DSCN3805

This is a slice of what Phil ad Maude experience. What is your experience?

2 comments on “Intention Toward Peace and Acceptance Within a Relationship
  1. Annie says:

    and how blessed you are for the opportunity to practice your precious insights!

    • Maude says:

      Hi Annie and good to hear from you. Although I do believe there is an element of grace in our relationship, I also believe, as I said in this blog post, that it involves intention and commitment. I do not believe it has much to do with blind luck. Blessings, yes! Thanks again for joining us here.

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