Meditation 7

Meditation 7

We usually understand ourselves and the world through our mind. We use thoughts and words for this to great effect; so great that we easily assume that the whole world is amenable to such analysis. But thought is only a thin skin on the brain; beneath it are the feelings, instincts, intuition and knowledge of two billion years of life. When we sit, this is what we allow to be revealed.

So what can we say about that state of being? Firstly, whatever we do say is not that state; words can point, but they cannot replace being. That state cannot speak in words; its language is a different voice. The experience of being is qualitatively different from anything we can say about it, and does not necessarily map to our verbal understanding of the world. You can’t bring it back and show it to your friends. There is no duty free allowance. Cameras and cell phones are not allowed in the auditorium.

One in a series of meditation posts. See the others or the next one, Meditation 8.

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