The Power that Peace Brings to Your Relationship

The Power that Peace Brings to Your Relationship
Photo by Luke Tanis on Unsplash
Photo by Luke Tanis

We often write about the absence of conflict in our relationship. Recently we’ve been discussing with a few of our readers whether it’s true that we never have arguments, or whether a few slip in. They can’t imagine a relationship that doesn’t have any.

Rather than discussing their absence, we’d like to share what we do experience and how viable it is as a way to live and change relationships.

What is it then, that can be so transformative? It is simple yet profound: the true experience of peace. So often when people think about peace, they are thinking about it as a construct, as something they are imagining and speculating about: what it is and what it would be like.

For many, there is a sad absence of a direct knowledge of peace on which to base an understanding. When people try to mentally conjure up what it is, they think of it as stasis, the peace of the dead. It’s seen as bland, neutral, often lacking in any emotion or feeling at all.

It is anything but these things when truly lived. Peace is vital, powerful, and visceral. It brings the freedom to be open, receptive and unguarded. It is full of awareness, presence, calm, ecstatic joy, and passion; you might instead call it love. Peace is the triumphant roar of the lion, not the bleat of the lamb!

In our relationship, we do not carry resentments and grudges. We do not carry things beyond the use they may have and the present they exist in. We are not filled up with projections, fears, misunderstandings, compromises, estrangements, hurts, worries, or antagonisms.
Why and how can this apply to every relationship?

Peace is the triumphant roar of the lion, not the bleat of the lamb! #quote #relationships #peace Click To TweetThe answer is surprisingly simple. Peace is by far the most attractive. When once experienced, it pulls you toward it with a great force that can, if allowed to function, far outweigh other lesser forces pulling on you. In your relationship, if you mutually commit to the desire for peace together, if you can mutually explore its nature together, there will be no limit to the transformation that can occur.

This is not a passive occurrence. There has to be commitment and a willingness to open to and be filled with this forceful energy. There is no room for holding on to petty gripes and grumbling resentments. Peace is an all or nothing path. Won’t you join us in this life changing, world changing path?

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4 Comments on “The Power that Peace Brings to Your Relationship

  1. I took the time this morning to listen to Phil’s audio, Martin’s Ted Talk and read the newsletter. I like the option of all three and I reflected on how each one appealed to different aspects of my heart and mind. So thank you for presenting those options to us. I will be reflecting how to create new road maps around these ideas of peace and conflict. This newsletter will give me some good reminders on what to keep in my sights.
    Thank you.

    • Barbara thank you so much for letting us know how you are using the various things we offered. It feels great to know that there is resonance out there, as we are dedicated to spreading the unique experiences we share. We would love to hear further from you as you create your own personal road maps and what you form with them. Thank you again!

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