Successful Relationship Reading Corner

Successful Relationship Reading Corner

This week’s blog article was on How to Reach Agreement Without Compromise. Although we have a very different viewpoint than many of the people who write to this topic, here are some articles that are in consonance with our message.

Compromise: Is there an Alternative? “It all starts with the notion that what I perceive to be “true” is both real and complete – as if I had the smallest chance of knowing all there is to know about life”

Never Compromise: 3 Steps to Synergy in Your Relationship “When you compromise, you are giving up what feels important to you and this doesn’t always foster a sense of connection and cooperation in your relationship…. Writer and teacher Stephen Covey talks about the power of synergy…. Synergy, according to Covey, is all about being open to creating a solution that is even better than what either you or I propose. It is not about deciding whether “your way” or “my way” is best and then cobbling out some compromise in the middle. It is all about really hearing one another and creating a third way”

TO COMPROMISE OR NOT TO COMPROMISE: How to build sustainable relationships “Many popular psychologists, such as Dr. Phil, preach that compromise is the key to resolving relationship conflict and essential to building sustainable relationships. They view compromise as a “win-win” solution where both people get some of what they want. However, counsellors who hold this perspective tend to act more like arbiters than counsellors, pressing people to compromise regardless of the psychological issues that fuel people’s conflicts in the first place.”

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