Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we wrote about how to laugh and rejoice in difficult times. These articles shed some interesting light on laughter.

Laughter: The Surprising Secret to Surviving Tough Times “Just 24 hours earlier, I was overwhelmed (three keynotes and four workshops in three weeks) and in pain (recovering from foot surgery). And that was before I’d even thought about what was going on in the world. It’s been a distressing month, hasn’t it? But there I was, feeling happier than I had in a long time. The cure to my bad mood had been simple — I just needed a good laugh.”

Dalai Lama on Laughter and Compassion “I have been confronted with many difficulties throughout the course of my life, and my country is going through a critical period. But I laugh often, and my laughter is contagious. When people ask me how I find the strength to laugh now, I reply that I am a professional laugher.”

10 things you may not know about laughter “The first time I did stand-up comedy my only coherent thought afterwards was that I wanted to do it again immediately, and do it better. Why is laughter so much fun? As a psychologist, this is especially puzzling as pretty much everything we think about laughter is wrong. So here are 10 things you, probably, didn’t know about laughter.”

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