Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we wrote about how to make all your relationships successful. Here are some fascinating articles that speak to this topic.

Why Positive Relationships Are Needed for Emotional Health “It’s always good to see research that reveals how and why positive human connection in essential for emotional-physical health, wellbeing, and growth — especially when you experience adverse circumstances. A new study, reported in Personality and Social Psychology Review adds to that knowledge.”

5 Benefits of Healthy Relationships “Humans have an inherent desire to be close to other people. To connect and build relationships. While a man stranded on an island, talking to a volleyball (you remember the movie!) isn’t necessarily “healthy,” his compulsion for company is. That’s because the fact of the matter is, healthy relationships (romantic relationships, friendships, familial relationships — they all count!) can help make for a healthier overall life. But what exactly does a healthy relationship look like?”

Social Relationships and Health: A Flashpoint for Health Policy NIH paper with links to research: “Studies show that social relationships have short- and long-term effects on health, for better and for worse, and that these effects emerge in childhood and cascade throughout life to foster cumulative advantage or disadvantage in health. This article describes key research themes in the study of social relationships and health, and it highlights policy implications suggested by this research.”

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