Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week’s blog was on how a relationship becomes filled with peace when there is no conflict. Here are some articles that make some suggestions.

5 Rules for Relationship Peace “Baylor University psychologists recently interviewed 3,539 married couples … it turned out that the tension that actually led to the fight itself almost always related to the deeper issues of whether the partners felt understood or valued.”

20 Life Skills to Keep Peace in Your Relationship “The problem is not that we have differences in our relationship, the problem lies in the way we handle those differences. When our ego gets in the way, we can easily say or do things that threaten the peace of our relationship and increase the level of relationship stress.”

Finding Peace In Relationships Between Partnered Souls “We have programmed ourselves with an image and idea of what the ideal relationship should look like. These ideas are created based on wanting to feel a sense of happiness and satisfaction, two emotional experiences that will never lead us to true peace.”


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