Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we wrote about how to look at differences in your relationship. These articles cover various aspects of that.

Deep Acceptance In Relationships “For securely attached adults, differences between them are generally not threatening to the relationship. … For insecurely attached adults (on average one out of three, though people tend to hang out with like-kinds) it’s a whole different ballgame, and this is where things get way more complicated.”

Acceptance: The Foundation of Lasting Relationships “Research suggests that there are fundamentally five ways to deal with disappointment and disillusionment in a romantic partner, each with varying degrees of effectiveness:”

6 Ways to Manage the Differences in Your Relationship “Mary loves romantic comedies. Her boyfriend Sam likes action movies—the more violent, the better. She’s a vegetarian; he’s a carnivore. ‘I love him, but we seem totally mismatched,’ she says. ‘We can’t agree on a movie or a meal; how can we make important life choices, like where we’ll live or when we’ll start a family?’”

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