Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we wrote about knowing you are on the same side in your relationship. It was surprising how difficult it was to find articles on this topic. Here are some good ones.

Dramatically Improve your Relationships by Becoming a Team “I once had a totally commonplace, uneventful thought that transformed the way I viewed relationships…. It was the notion that when two people in a relationship think of themselves as on the same team, things get much easier. Positive feelings grow freely. Score-keeping and resentment are nonexistent.”

A Healthy Team and a Healthy Relationship “Over the last three decades, marriage specialists have researched the ingredients of a happy marriage. As a result, we know more about building a successful marriage today than ever before. The cool thing is … team building experts have researched the ingredients of an effective team for about the same amount of time. And their findings are quite similar. What makes a happy marriage tends to make an effective team and vice versa.”

5 Ways To Improve Your Marriage With Teamwork “For some couples the wedding has just ended and you are settling into your marriage routine. For others, you have been married for several years, you are all consumed by your kid’s activities and barely have enough time to sleep, let alone work on your relationship. But this question pertains to both sets of couples. Do you consider yourself a team?”

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