Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week’s blog asks if there is a better way than compromise. Our approach is quite different than most on this issue, but after searching, we found some great links for you.

Compromise: Is there an Alternative? “I hear a lot in the news these days about compromise. It always sounds so grudging: people giving up things they cherish in tiny installments, holding on for dear life, fighting furiously to let go of as little as possible. What a difficult way to think about life, as a nonstop holding battle. If I do this I have so little energy left to welcome what else life has to bring me.”

Never Compromise: 3 Steps to Synergy in Your Relationship “Compromise sounds great, in theory. At first glance, it is a way for you and your partner to “meet in the middle” and to find a resolution that you both can be okay with. But, in reality, compromise can feel like you lost or gave in. When you compromise, you are giving up what feels important to you and this doesn’t always foster a sense of connection and cooperation in your relationship.”

The next link is from Susan Heitler Ph.D., for whom we have great respect. We’re reading one of her books, The Power of Two, and highly recommend it.

Solve Tough Dilemmas With the Win-Win Waltz “Would you like to resolve all your conflicts without arguing? No more “My way!”, “No my way!” fights? Learn instead the three steps of the win-win waltz. The three steps of win-win waltzing help you to understand each other’s concerns instead of locking into adversarial positions. The more understanding you gain about both your and others’ deeply felt concerns, the more likely it becomes that you will be able to be nice to yourself and simultaneously nice also to others.”


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