Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog, we talked about time in the year of the virus. We’ve had to stretch in finding links, but here are some interesting perspectives on life in these times.

Ease and Flow in Uncertain Times “Who would ever have guessed that we would get a crash course in uncertainty? Well, here we are. A global pandemic, the health of everyone in the world at risk, including ourselves and our loved ones… Wow! One question on my mind is about how to meet the uncertainty we’re all facing. And there is a lot of it.”

Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Here’s How. “A global, novel virus that keeps us contained in our homes—maybe for months—is already reorienting our relationship to government, to the outside world, even to each other. Some changes these experts expect to see in the coming months or years might feel unfamiliar or unsettling: Will nations stay closed? Will touch become taboo? What will become of restaurants? But crisis moments also present opportunity: more sophisticated and flexible use of technology, less polarization, a revived appreciation for the outdoors and life’s other simple pleasures.”

“Our new life of isolation”: 5 people across the world on staying inside to avoid Covid-19 “We spoke to people in five different countries: from China, where people in Wuhan have been living largely inside their homes for more than a month, to Singapore, where people are required to take their temperature before and after they leave school or work. People around the globe are taking the threat of this disease seriously. Here are their stories of enduring the outbreak.”

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