Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

We’ve been asking our readers how they have been coping with the pandemic, and this week, we published the third and final selection. We’ve checked online, too, and here are some more views on how people are managing.

Quarantine has changed us — and it’s not all bad “But the pandemic has changed us. Although being on lockdown has been pretty grueling on balance, the surprise is that many of us have realized there are some things about quarantine life that are worth preserving. We’re questioning the very fundamentals of the “normal” we’d all come to unthinkingly accept — and realizing we don’t want to go back, not to that.”

Coronavirus: The good that can come out of an upside-down world “Our world has changed immensely in the last few weeks but amid the upheaval and distress, there are reasons to believe we can emerge from the crisis with some human qualities enhanced, writes Matthew Syed.”

How to come out of the pandemic as your best self ever “It’s strange how something so disruptive, so novel, was so widely labelled with a cliché. As we’re constantly reminded, the pandemic is our “new normal.” That is, our old way of life has been replaced with another one – one that’s getting old fast…“Our routine was totally thrown on its head,” says Andrews. “I think everybody now is starting to feel like, ‘I can’t maintain this. What do I need to do to actually feel good?’” How often do we pause to think through that question?”

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