Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

We wrote this week on why you need to remain flexible in a time of great change; these writers explore what is needed to remain creative and adaptable.

How To Stay Flexible In Times Of Change “As more time passes with the pandemic, political unrest and protests, most of us are beginning to feel anxious and out of control of our lives, jobs, and society around us. To regain a sense of control and purpose, we should take some time to review our personal values and observe the world as it is today. When we carve out time to do this intentionally, we are more capable of navigating our way through times of change at work, at home, or in pursuit of self-development.”

The Power Of Adaptability: How To Adapt To Anything Life Throws At You “The book “Life of Pi,” by Yann Martel is an excellent representation of adaptability. It shows how your circumstances force you to evaluate or reinvent perspectives in life and the choices you’ve made. Sometimes these evaluations or reinventions are done by choice. Other times they’re forced upon you – asking you to become adaptable. ”

Adaptability may be your most essential skill in the covid-19 world “Across the world, humans are living through a period of extraordinary change, with jobs lost, businesses closed, graduations canceled, and weddings, moves, and vacations postponed. Familiar routines involving work, school, exercise and weekend recreation have been tossed out the window. Moving forward, there’s more uncertainty on the horizon. We don’t know when or if those jobs will come back, when schools and offices will reopen, when we’ll be able to hug grandparents or see faraway friends and relatives. Many of us don’t know whether we’ll be able to pay the rent or the mortgage. Trauma and upheaval are coming at us from all sides, and no one can predict when it will let up. It’s a lot of change to get used to all at once, and it’s not static. So, going forward, adaptability may be our best asset.”

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