Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week’s blog is on maintaining flexibility within your relationship. Here are some articles discussing this topic.

Improving Couples’ Attachment Security, Intimacy, Stability and Satisfaction “I believe the primary objective in couple therapy is to help couples improve the stability and satisfaction in their relationship and learn to stay flexible, not rigid. It’s important for couples to maintain a context of intimacy and engagement that allows them to experience a sense of trust and security in which they can be ‘safely vulnerable.'”

How to be Flexible in a Relationship “A lot of us have been conditioned to think that once we find the person who we believe is perfect for us, then the hard work is over. Everything should be smooth sailing from that point on. After all, if they are perfect for us, shouldn’t everything just fall into place? But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, once you find the partner you are ready to commit to, that’s when the real work begins. And any healthy relationship will require a certain amount of flexibility from each partner.”

Relationship Tips for a Happy Marriage Part 92: Be Flexible “Would you describe yourself as a flexible person? Flexibility in marriage means being open to each other’s plans and ideas, and being willing to go beyond the comfort zone where necessary. It also means getting over the idea that your desires are the most important consideration in the relationship and responding to the needs and desires of the other party.”

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