Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we asked if you want to improve your relationships and said you have to work on yourself first. Many people get caught up in looking at the other person they are relating to, and argue and criticize the differences they find. To move past that and bring harmony and peace to your relationships, it’s important to get to know and feel comfortable with yourself. Here are some other authors on this topic.

How to Develop Self-Love and Why This Will Strengthen Your Relationship “Of course it helps to be entering a relationship with a strong feeling of self-love. But I also think that if you are in a partnership where self-love is lacking, and the space between you is needy, irritating, and harmful, things can be turned around. Learning self-love is an ongoing process. It’s not a switch you can just flick on. Even couples who have a healthy amount of self-love could have more.”

How Self-Awareness Helps Relationships Become Stronger, and Ultimately, Last “When a seasoned divorce attorney and author of a best-selling relationship advice book was asked the key to a healthy relationship, he told an inquiring journalist, “If you want to keep your love alive, you have to be attentive to all the little things that go wrong along the way, and constantly course-correct.” That attentiveness to all the little things that go wrong and ability to course-correct is the product of relational self-awareness.”

7 Simple Ways You Can Become a Better Partner “Romantic relationships are dynamic. They continuously change, reflecting circumstances, stresses, and the everyday ups and downs experienced by both partners. What happens to “me” and to “you” ultimately affects “us.” The healthiest relationships have partners who routinely (if subconsciously) check in with themselves, their partner, and their relationship to see how things are going and to make changes as necessary.”

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