Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about why it’s important to know your truth and share it in your relationships. It’s an essential part of good relationships, and here is some good advice on ways to do this.

The Power of Speaking Our Truth in Intimate Relationships “People say that truth is subjective. It is. People say that the truth will set you free. And it does. People say many thing about the truth but not many really speak theirs. Sadly, this is a huge missed opportunity for radical and authentic self-expression. But what’s worse is that not speaking our truth stands in the way of having deep and meaningful relationships. We don’t realise that by not sharing our truth, we deprive ourselves of what we most value: love.”

Building Intimacy: How to Speak your Truth in Relationship “From my own past personal experience and my work with clients, I see communication as one of the biggest areas for improvement in intimacy. When needs and feelings go unspoken, especially over long periods of time, fertile ground is created for misunderstanding and feelings of hurt between the two precious people in a relationship.”

Speaking Your Truth to Live a Life of Authenticity “Do you find it easier to talk about speaking your truth than actually doing it? Speaking up and speaking your truth is an essential aspect of living a life of passion, fulfillment, and authenticity. However, we struggle to find ways to speak our truth for many of us, myself included. Not too long ago, I was talking to a friend who told me a poignant and powerful story about speaking his truth.”

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