Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week we wrote about adding gratitude to the underlying position of being positive. Here is a video and several articles that look at various aspects of this.

How Practicing Gratitude Can Strengthen Relationships “Gratitude impacts how we relate to others and how we feel about our circumstances. What you choose to focus on is where your focus remains. Concentrating on the negative when things are hard can overwhelm you, and it teaches your brain to hone in on the worst. The alternative is to choose gratitude and find things you can appreciate during all the hard stuff going on in your life.”

Celebrate What’s Right With The World! A TEDx video. “Are you discouraged by what’s happening in the world today? THEN WATCH THIS! In minutes, you’ll rediscover the wonders and possibilities that surround us everyday just waiting to be noticed and celebrated. Find out for yourself why former National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones is considered by thousands to be one of the most inspiring speakers on the planet.”

7 Major Health Effects of Expressing Gratitude in Relationships “Whatever the situation, appreciation feels good…and, as it turns out, it’s actually good for your health. In fact, expressing or receiving appreciation triggers an actual chemical reaction in the brain. Just like when a mother holds a baby or a loved one gives you a hug, a person who gives or receives a genuine thank you experiences the release of oxytocin.”

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