Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about why trust is so important in all your relationships, and our links agree with that and describe ways to strengthen trust between people.

The Definition of Trust in a Relationship “Before we go any further, it’s really important to address one of the common misconceptions about trust, and the idea that trust is something that is inherently present at the start of a relationship. That’s simply not true. Trust is something that’s built up over time, and it’s unrealistic to expect trust to be present right off the bat! It’s not made out of big statements or gestures, but instead out of the accumulation of many small actions. It’s grown through witnessing someone’s words match their actions again and again over a long period of time.”

11 Reasons Why Trust in a Relationship Is More Important Than Love “Trust in a relationship means you believe that your partner is reliable and has your best interests in their hearts. It means you have faith and confidence in them. And you feel emotionally and physically safe with them, just as they do with you. It means you expect respect, integrity, loyalty, and honesty in your relationship. You expect your partner to keep promises and secrets, and to support you when the tides get rough.”

Why Is Trust Important “Trust is something that two parties can build over time as they interact with each other. When people trust each other, they’re more willing to exchange ideas, share information, and support each other. In this way, it allows all of us to accomplish more than we could if we couldn’t rely on others in our lives.”

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