Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog we wrote about celebrating the differences in your relationship. This week’s link cover various aspects of that.

How Differences With Your Spouse Can Make Your Marriage Stronger “When I first met Gail, I was attracted to her precisely because she was different. Sadly, after a few years, these same differences started to annoy me. In fact, I began to think that my approach to life was right and hers wrong.”

Differences “People say that “opposites attract.” We can be captivated by finding in others what seems foreign. An introvert may be attracted to the outreaching energy of an extrovert – who, in turn, may be fascinated by the inner focus of the introvert. Similarly, a dreamer and a practical person – or an intellectual and an emotional type – may be drawn to one another. Yet often the very differences that are initially attractive end up being a big source of conflict.”

Celebrating our differences “Nations, tribes, cities, villages, churches, and families have often learned the hard way that the manner in which we deal with our differences determines the quality the peace, prosperity, and progress of life in community. This is especially true of the intimate relationship of marriage.”


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