Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote that the more honesty, the better your relationships. These articles write about the importance of honesty and how to practise it.

Why Is Honesty So Important in a Relationship? “When we talk about honesty in relationships, our mind often goes straight to deception. We think about it in terms of whether or not someone lies to their partner. Or how often they lie. Or what kinds of lies they tell. But when we consider honesty only as the absence of deception, we miss an important piece of why it matters so much in a relationship.”

Why Is Honesty Important In Your Relationship? “When it comes to a relationship, one of the most essential elements is trust, and you can only have trust where there is honesty. When you consistently tell the truth, it gives others confidence that you will deliver on your promises and commitments. This applies to any relationship from business partners to friends and intimate relationships. Honesty will help any relationship to thrive.”

11 Reasons Honesty in a Relationship Is Truly Important “Displaying honesty in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to reveal every thought or share every secret with your spouse. There are still plenty of reasons to keep things to yourself. You may choose to hold back potentially hurtful opinions, your private thoughts, or information that would betray a promise to a friend to keep something confidential. You also have the right to stick to vague answers if you don’t feel comfortable sharing information. When it comes to honesty in relationships, remember all of the good reasons to be honest. If you are inclined to withhold information, ask yourself: “Am I keeping this a secret, or am I keeping something private?” – There is a difference.”

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