Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner


In this week’s blog we wrote about choosing how you want your relationship to be. Here are a variety of articles that talk about this, often in the context of writing about the different kinds of relationships that people have.

Creating A Unique Relationship Template “I finally realized that becoming a viable partner would always elude me until I did the requisite emotional homework. I’d grown weary of short-term relationships and was eager to experience the real deal.”

Patterns of Relationships (The type in this article is very small; use Ctrl-Plus to enlarge it.) “Most of us have some kind of idea in our minds about how a “good” or “correct” relationship is supposed to be. We can cause ourselves needless distress by comparing our own relationships with such an idea of what a relationship “should be like” and then concluding that our own is defective by comparison. Psychologists may imply something of that sort when they formulate criteria for a “healthy relationship” which few real couples ever meet.”

Do You Create Your Own Relationship “Rules”? “…every relationship has its own personality, made up of two unique individuals, and the things that work for one may not work for another. Just like each person is able to give to the relationship in his own way. We can’t change them. And is that such a bad thing?”

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