Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In this week’s blog we discussed the importance of authenticity in your relationship: “An authentic person is someone who is who they say they are. They aren’t pretending to be somebody different. They don’t boast of a Harvard degree; they wear a watch for the time, not for status; they’re not in constant competition with others. When they ask about you, it’s because they want to know.”

We have some great articles describing facets of this issue for you.

The Authenticity Rule (+ 9 Tips) for Forging the Relationships That Matter Most “As humans, we’re hardwired to crave praise and acceptance from those around us. We have this innate drive to be accepted by our fellow man, so we conform to the image of ourselves we feel will be greeted most receptively by everyone. There’s a problem with this, though. By conforming to an image, you do eventually find acceptance somewhere or other, but it’s probably on a superficial level. It probably isn’t about who you really are.”

Being authentic in your relationships for more positive living “So why is it important to be authentic? Because it’s a thin line between trying to please everyone and losing sight of who you are whilst you go on an impossible quest to fill up your life with other people’s needs, wants, and expectations…even though they may not actually be in line with your own needs, wants, and expectations.”

Seeking Authenticity “What does it mean for someone to be truly authentic? And how many people do you know actually fit that description? Do you feel that you’re authentic? Let’s take a look at what this word truly suggests and just what blocks us from achieving authenticity.”

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