The Only Way That Works: The Golden Rule

The Only Way That Works: The Golden Rule

In these strange times where some people seem to be trying to emphasize our differences, let us remember that religions and people from all around the globe have known and practiced a great truth, the Golden Rule, in one form or another for thousands of years!

This great truth, and the fact that we are all connected and part of one human family, will always win out over fear and prejudice and attempts to separate us. Remember in the darkness this shining light of truth. Growth and change are slow but steady, and this great truth will prevail. Love one another is the whole of the law!

We want to share with you today some versions of the golden rule as taught by the world’s major religions:

As you’ve now seen, the Golden Rule, “Do as you would be done by” is found in all major religions, but it’s not merely religious – it follows when we admit that someone else is just like us – human, with needs, desires and goals that are just as real and valid as ours.

Being all connected & part of one human family always wins out over fear and prejudice #quote #peace Share on XPart of being human is that we have forebrains that can moderate our instincts and animal impulses. To let those impulses run wild is to abrogate our very humanity, and we owe it to ourselves to take the high road, not because it attracts social approval but because it receives our approval – we feel good about ourselves when we do good for others. So follow that rule!

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  1. Love you and thoroughly enjoyed this post. Happy Holiday Season too. Every major religion recognizes this time of the year with a celebration of lights in one way or another.

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