We’re All One Family – Let’s Act Like One

We’re All One Family – Let’s Act Like One

Family. Our parents, our children, our siblings. Then there are cousins, aunts, nephews. Perhaps you shared turkey with them last Thursday.

Or maybe you are estranged from your relatives, and have made your own family; people you can share your fears and dreams with, people you can call on to help out, people with whom you celebrate milestones.

But where do you draw the line? Who’s in the circle and who’s out? More interestingly, why are people outside? Is it because you don’t like them, or trust them, or know them? And yet they are people like you in so many ways: they eat, they sleep, they catch colds.

We divide by looking at differences. We unite when we see similarities.

The truth is that we are all related. We belong to one human family and we are progressing and evolving together.

It behooves us to realize this fact, and to really start to consciously work together for our united growth and increased quality of life.

To do this we need to understand that we will have to use true creativity, and most of all co-creativity, to achieve goals that will produce forward movement for our whole family, for all of us on this planet.

We divide by looking at differences. We unite when we see similarities. #quote #relationships Share on XThere can really be no other goal, as the world grows smaller and smaller and we are all more and more interdependent on the behavior of each other.

There will surely be many bumps along the way. Some of us will react with fear, with the desire to isolate with just one part of the whole.

We have evolved from small groups and tribes to nations that have needed to band together against the ‘others’, often for survival. It will take a long time to move out of the shadow of this part of our evolution into the shining day of a world where we all live as one family, supporting each other and loving one another.

Yes, this may take a long time with many upheavals along the way, but this is where we are inevitably headed. Therefore let us learn the skills of co-creating mutual solutions that incorporate the best of each one for the betterment of the individual and the whole.

We do not have to give up something to get something that we need. Instead we must find solutions and methods that work for the whole. Those solutions are there. We need to use ways to communicate with each other that bring out our commonality and paths that are inclusive of each of our needs.

And we must develop the desire to be there for each other. “Teach your children well. Their father’s hell did slowly go by.” Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

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2 Comments on “We’re All One Family – Let’s Act Like One

  1. Thank you for applying your conversation of peace to the global family dynamic of the times. As tensions were high after the elections, families were dreading coming together for Thanksgiving and discussing politics! Perhaps as we focus on our similarities as couples and families, we can ripple the peace we find back out into the world again and help to start to repair some of the fear-driven rifts that have shown themselves of late! I know many of us have been so shaken by the election season and results that it is even hard to find peace within ourselves! I have to remember my faith in God and humanity and know we will be OK!

    • I am certain the world will move to a more peaceful place, though it may take some time. My image is that violence and war will become as unacceptable as rape, which of course hasn’t vanished, but has become socially unacceptable. They both stem from our animal drives, but that doesn’t mean we have to give into them. In a couple of centuries, we will see war the same way.

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