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The Myth of Inevitable Conflict Within a Relationship

We’re excited to be sharing our newest Ezine article. We hope it will inspire you to look at your relationship anew. Check it out and let us know what you think. If you like it, give it a green happy face (the Ezine equivalent of “like”).
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No Thumbtacks: the 100% Factor

We’re excited because our new article was just published. It’s based on a chapter from our book Secrets of a Successful Relationship Revealed. We hope you’ll feel free to republish or share this with any friends who you think may profit from it.
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My New Article on Relationships

I’m excited to have just published a new article. I’d love your feedback and your comment if you enjoy it.
You can find it here.
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New Video Out

We made another video about the book, but it didn’t feel quite right, so I left it for a couple of weeks. After noticing the other videos had music, but this one didn’t, I added some in the background, and the whole thing came together.
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Belated Happy New Year

We made a Happy New Year video — it’s not too late for our wishes to work:

We also started tweeting as @PhilAndMaude, so follow us and say Hi.
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“Secrets” Video on Youtube

Check out our video about the book. If you enjoy it, give it a like and write a comment.
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A Double First

Wow, two firsts in one day, and on 11/11/11 too.
Zander, at right, is our first grandson, born at 12:58am and 6 lb. 15 oz.
The other event is our first review on Amazon. Thanks, Sam!
This is a wonderful book.
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We’re in the iBookStore!

We’ve just appeared in the Apple store, so you can now read us on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
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We’re Fully Integrated

The paperback book and the kindle reader ebook version are both linked and fully integrated on Amazon now, so we are ready to begin making the book available to all! Exciting days.
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We’re live!

The book and eBook are up on Amazon, though we still have to get the Kindle version more closely integrated on the page. Now it’s on to marketing. We’ve had great feedback already, as you can see in the sidebar to the left, which is a promising omen for our word-of-mouth campaign.
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