The Myth of Inevitable Conflict within a Relationship – New Article!

We are happy to announce that we have just had an article published on one of our favorite topics, “The Myth of Inevitable Conflict within a Relationship” in Awareness Magazine May/June 2014 issue both online and in hard copy.
We have been writing and speaking about peaceful relationships for many years. We co-authored the book Secrets of a Successful Relationship and are currently working on a second book. We are committed to the understanding that conflict is not inevitable, and that relationships can be the inspiration for peace on earth.
Please have a look at the article and we would of course greatly prize any feedback that you share with us. If you are in a relationship, and would like to share any of the things that you do to experience harmony and joy together, rather than conflict, we would be grateful. If you are searching for another way to interact in your relationship, we welcome any questions or requests, and will do our best to support you.
Working toward peace, one relationship at a time!
The Myth of Inevitable Conflict within a Relationship

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