Phil and Maude’s Favorite Blog Photos of 2021

Phil and Maude’s Favorite Blog Photos of 2021

As the year is drawing to a close, we thought it would be fun to share our top 12 favorite photos from the blogs of 2021. Click on each one to see it full-size, or click on the link below it to read the blog.

Tree roots
What Important Core Values Underlie Your Relationship Wants And Needs?

Two birds
It Is Important To See The Other’s Viewpoint In Your Relationship

Path to gazebo
Why Making Time for Sacred Space in Your Relationship is so Important

Pelicans at rest
You Need to Honor the Connection at the Heart of all Relationships

Man eating out
Can We Make All Our Relationships New and Fresh As We Emerge From Lockdown?

Whitewater rafting
How to Honor Both Closeness and Space in Your Relationship

Cat paying attention
You Honor Your Relationships When You Listen With Your Heart

Stonewall statues
How Mutual Solutions Help You to Solve Disagreements and Avoid Arguments

Woman leaping in air
Why You Need to Remain Flexible in a Time of Great Change

Stone-age couple
Why it is Important to Understand Motivations in Our Relationships

How Does Knowing Yourself Help You Find Mutual Solutions In Relationships?

Two fallen leaves
Why Those Little Differences Needn’t Be a Problem in Your Relationship

Photo credits: Various. Click on the link and scroll down. (You can read the blog too!)

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2 Comments on “Phil and Maude’s Favorite Blog Photos of 2021

  1. I vote unquestionably for the woman leaping on the mountain of wild flowers….for the shear exuberance of it!

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