Presence and Never in a Hurry

Presence and Never in a Hurry

Dearest Phil,
Looking at the issue of “never being in a hurry’ has been really profound for me. I have been looking at how this can apply to our modern day lives. I think that a key aspect of never being in a hurry is Presence. If you are totally in the present, then you are not moving toward anything else and cannot be in a hurry to get somewhere. You may just feel you have to rush through everything, just to do so. However, if you are really experiencing the present in its fullness, then I do not believe that ‘hurry’ will be a part of that.
If we are present, then we are so much more available for everyone, and certainly within our relationships. When we are present with our full selves, we can offer so much more, be aware of our language, acknowledge the people we encounter, and generally spread peace as we move through our interactions.
If couples would spend part of each day actually being present with each other, not full of other things in their minds, I think many of the feelings of estrangement or misunderstandingwould disappear.
What do you think? Not just Phil, but any of you?

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