Why Sacred Space in a Relationship is Important

Why Sacred Space in a Relationship is Important

One practice that is a major part of how we are together is what we call sacred space – the time when we are together for the purpose of being together. Although every couple has a different way of approaching this, all joyous and nourishing ones have this as an integral and regular part.

What do we mean by the term sacred space? It is not a physical location, although some partners do actually create a space they use for coming together in this way. Sacred space is instead a special way of being with each other. It is a time when you step away from the busyness of your daily life. This is an intimate sharing during which you are reveling in the pleasure of each other’s company, celebrating your partner and, most of all, your togetherness.

What you do is not as important as doing it regularly. It needs to be given the time that something of top priority deserves, not pushed aside until everything else is taken care of. Put it into your calendar. Turn down other things if they interfere. You must ensure that you take time for this until it becomes so precious to you that you hunger for it. Develop this practice and you will never let it go!

Sacred Space is the underpinning of all your togetherness #relationships #quote Share on XNo matter how people choose to celebrate this time, there are certain characteristics of the experience that are the same for all. In this space you are completely present. You are not dwelling in the past or planning what is to come (unless it is part of the fun you are having together.) You both have each other’s full attention and can feel that you are both being seen and heard for who you are. This is a time filled with warmth, pleasure and a deep intimacy. This intimacy becomes an underpinning of all your togetherness and it assures you that you are both unqualifiedly on the same side.

We have found this to be so rejuvenating that we take this time every evening. With rare exceptions, we remove ourselves from phones, friends and family, and retire to be together. We have a variety of activities that we do during this time, but what they are is not important. Regardless of the specifics, we are basically delighting in being together, deepening our knowing of each other, laughing and playing, loving and being loved.

We think this is an important yet under-examined area, and want to explore this topic further with your help. We would like to hear how you create your special time together and what it means to you. Write us or add a comment below; we can arrange many different ways to make it easier for you to talk with us about what your sacred space looks like and how you celebrate it!

We look forward to seeing peace spread through conflict free happy relationships. This is a wonderful way to change the world. Join us in spreading peace one relationship at a time.

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  1. David Kantor commented: A looked-forward-to daily practice in our life with additional times randomly happening during the day.


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