Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week we blogged about why intimacy is important in all your relationships. These articles explore various aspects of this important subject.

Intimacy: The Art of Relationships “Our culture provides for meeting all other needs, especially the need for autonomy, but not for intimacy. Within this framework, couples today must provide for each other more of the emotional needs that a larger community used to furnish. Compounding the wide-scale deprivation of intimacy we actually experience, our cultural talent for commercialization has separated out sex from intimacy.”

The What and How of True Intimacy “Intimacy is what most people long for but not everyone finds, or rather, makes. Why? Because intimacy, true closeness with another human being, can also be scary. Getting to the intimate core of a relationship requires that both people work through their fear….A truly intimate relationship lets both people know on the deepest level who they each truly are.”

Building Intimacy in Relationships “When you hear the word intimacy as it refers to relationships, the likelihood is that you think of sex. In reality, though, intimacy is so much more than a sexual connection. You can have an intimate relationship with someone who’s never even seen you naked. Intimacy is about vulnerability, that connection you make with someone. Experts distinguish between four different types of intimacy: physical, emotional, cognitive, and experiential.”

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