Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week we said to beware of criticism as it can poison your relationship. We found so many good links that we are including four this week; the fourth is included because it offers some good vs. bad examples of how to communicate.

Criticism Is The Toxic Habit That Can Slowly Ruin Your Relationship “Habitual criticism can corrode the very foundation of a relationship — and that’s not an overstatement. In fact, criticism is so damaging that relationship researcher John Gottman identified it as one of the top predictors of divorce”

Criticism in Marriage Relationships. Stop It Before It Kills Your Marriage. “Everyone hates to be criticized. Yet, for some reason, couples often feel licensed to belittle, berate, badger, and blame each other in ways they’d never do with friends. Criticism in marriage relationships is so common it makes the adage “intimacy breeds contempt” unshakeably rock solid. Why do couples default to critical behavior despite knowing deep down it is harmful and corrosive to their relationship?”

How Criticism can Destroy your Marriage “Dr. Jessica Higgins says, ‘Criticism is the act of focusing on your partner’s flaws and passing judgment. Over time, a critical stance can turn into a habit of disapproving, critiquing, correcting, blaming, nitpicking, or trying to fix your significant other.'”

Criticism in Relationships: Examples & Solutions “On the left side, some examples of criticism. On the right side, how a more emotionally intelligent partner would communicate the same issue.”

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