Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about how important it is to honor individuality in your relationships. Here are some articles discussing different aspects of individuality and its importance in relationships.

Honoring Individuality “One of the core values of The Evolution Group is Honoring Individuality. This we try to do for one another as well as for our clients. To honor can be defined as: To treat someone with admiration and respect. Individuality can be defined as: The qualities and characteristics of a person that distinguishes them from others. Much of the work of personal growth, identifying goals, and self-actualization is rooted in this ability, and yet so many people are unable to honor individuality in their lives.”

Staying Compatible by Staying Yourself “What makes being in a relationship tricky is that it provides the opportunity for two completely different experiences. On the one hand, it is an opportunity for two individuals to be supported by each other’s appreciation and love for the person their partner is. Both partners are enhanced by such an association, and flourish and grow as people. On the other hand, people can go into a relationship with a fantasy that the union will assuage their insecurities, hurts and unresolved issues from their past.”

How to Maintain Your Individuality in a Committed Relationship “The key to having a fulfilling life as an individual is liking yourself. If you don’t like yourself you will seek out others who will either keep you so preoccupied you can hide from your pain or you will cling desperately to anyone who makes you feel good. Either way, your well-being and happiness has now become dependent on the other person and whether they know this fact or not, they will feel the pressure.”

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