Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about core values from our personal experience. These articles talk about core values, sometimes discussing desirable values as well.

How Core Values Help Relationships Grow “You don’t need to agree on everything; the idea is to agree on areas that are truly necessary for your lasting happiness. Actually, as shown in the example below, sometimes a difference in a core value may enrich a relationship.”

10 Core Values of a Lasting Relationship “Building a successful relationship takes dedication. There are untold life situations that can spring up, and test the strength and unity of your partnership. Having compatible core values will provide you with the necessary strength and camaraderie to be able to navigate through those stumbling blocks together.”

Why Are Shared Values Important In Relationships? Experts Weigh In On This Common Thought “As I’ve gotten older and my relationships have matured, a lot of things have changed about they way I view potential partners. In the past, chemistry and having fun with someone was enough to ground a relationship, because whether or not I wanted to admit it to myself, I knew deep down those relationships were not built to last. But probably the starkest difference between then and now is how much the answer to the question of “Are shared values important in relationships?” has changed for me. Now it’s probably one of my biggest concerns. After all, now I look at relationships as more than just someone to have fun with, but instead, someone I want to spend my life with — and having shared values is a big part of that.”

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