Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

In our latest blog, we wrote about the traumatic events of this week and how to respond to them by choosing love over fear. Here are several articles about that as well as links to several worthy organizations working toward peaceful resolution.

Healing the political divide “With votes now tallied, and in some cases, electoral outcomes having been determined by extremely narrow margins and marked by legal challenges, there is no doubt that the political divide in the United States is a central trait of the country. And as this divide seems likely to continue to grow, for many of us it feels uncrossable. Yet psychological science suggests that it is both possible and imperative for members of our society to find common ground.”

Jack Kornfield on Sitting in Love Rather Than Fear “A dialogue on fear and love between Jack Kornfield and Catherine Ingram.
Jack Kornfield: …In the Buddhist teaching, one of the phrases for the sense of separateness, the illusion of separateness that we’re separate from the world is called “The body of fear” – the more separate we feel the more we fear the world because we feel that we’re somehow apart from it. And so to deal with fear is really deep and persistent – in some way love and fear are the opposite sides of the same coin. Love is that which expands beyond fear in some fashion.”

Building a House United “do our politics have to be demonizing? Does it have to bring out the worst in us? Do our politics have to destroy the goodwill of our society? Is the dehumanizing of our fellow Americans something we should accept? We do not accept this. At Braver Angels we do not accept this division. We reject the normalizing of this extreme polarization. We say no to the break down of political and social life that it brings. ”

What could you do in a violence-free society? “My Peace, Our Future brings together people from across the world to share their personal visions of peace — and what they dream of doing in a more just and equitable world, free from violent conflict. Leaders can help set the tone for this world transformed. It’s a choice that they often need to be reminded of, and that’s what this campaign is all about.”

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