Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we discussed why you shouldn’t focus on relationship differences. Here are some articles that examine different aspects of this topic.

How To Resolve Conflict And Save Your Relationship “A conflict becomes harmful when you’re focused on defending yourself from attack rather than on solving the problem. By focusing on your pain and suffering, you are ensuring you’ll experience more of the same, because where focus goes, energy flows, or as Tony [Robbins] says, ‘Whatever we consistently focus on is exactly what we will experience in our lives.'”

How to Navigate Differences in Your Relationship “But how do you know if a difference is more than something to seek counsel about, but is indeed a deal breaker? Because, the fact is, some are. Deal breakers are those differences that you anticipate will have a consistently divisive impact on your relationship. The two most important words in that sentence being “consistently divisive.” It’s impossible to grow together as a couple if your relationship lacks a foundation of unity.”

Relationship Tips: How to Handle Differences for a Successful Relationship “In a Wall Street Journal article, columnist Elizabeth Bernstein writes about the challenge of marriage between an ardent planner and a partner who prefers to be spontaneous. Perhaps you’ve known people in a marriage like that—or maybe you’re one of them! In my work with couples, I have heard many a planner call their spouse passive-aggressive or the spontaneous one refer to their spouse as a control freak.”

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