Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week we wrote that wants and needs are worldly, while values form the basis for how you interact with the world. Here are some people writing about the importance of core values in your life.

11 Core Relationship Values Every Couple Must Have “When we talk about core values, we are referring to the fundamental beliefs that build your identity. They guide our behavior giving us a compass of what is adequate and desirable as opposed to wrong and unacceptable. When we don’t act in accordance with our core beliefs, we feel we are betraying the essence of who we are.”

The key for a successful relationship: Aligned values “Aligned values are one the most important things in any relationship. Whether it is with your life partner or business partner, aligned or misaligned values will define the success or failure of a relationship from day one. I like to visualise this as a pyramid, where at the very top you have your values, and below that, you have your life vision, then your objectives, and then at the bottom, your interests.”

How to Live Your Core Values “When we think of how our lives are measured, we recall the experiences that felt meaningful to us: a graduation, a birth, a celebration, an achievement. But these experiences alone do not define your core values, says career coach Tara Mohr. It’s the qualities underneath those peak moments that define us.”

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