Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about why it is important to realize the difference between wants, needs and values. There are many differing definitions that people have for wants, needs and values. Here are some writings to the subject.

Valuing Our Needs, Wants and Desires “Sometimes we become so embroiled in what is wrong with us that we forget to appreciate and cherish all that is great. We abandon our own values and value and allow ourselves to be validated by the views of others. Loving ourselves as imperfect people and honouring who we are and what we value is the key to creating and manifesting all that is great within us.”

How to Identify Your Needs and Values “Our core values define what’s most meaningful and essential to us. One of my coaches, mentors, and author, Martha Lasley, believes that when we align our values, our mission and life’s vision becomes more evident and definable. “Values hold the essence of your experience and form the building blocks of your personal foundation.”

Understanding the difference between a Need & a Value “Great relationships are built on interdependence – where the individual maintains their own responsibility for meeting their own needs and working together to create a vision for the future and planning how that vision will come into being by implementing shared values and meeting in the middle when values are in polarity. So understanding what our intrinsic needs are very important – as we must learn to meet them ourselves – freeing up our relationships for greater intimacy, positive communication, mutual understanding, respect and growth.”

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