Successful Relationships Reading Corner

Successful Relationships Reading Corner

This week, we wrote about how balancing work, play and hanging out benefits your relationship. Here are some articles that cover different aspects of this topic.

The Benefits of Play for Adults “In our hectic, modern lives, many of us focus so heavily on work and family commitments that we never seem to have time for pure fun. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we stopped playing. When we carve out some leisure time, we’re more likely to zone out in front of the TV or computer than engage in fun, rejuvenating play like we did as children. But play is not just essential for kids; it can be an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults as well.”

Have Fun! The Importance of Play in Couple Relationships “Boring, drab, lifeless, stale, dull, tedious. These are probably not the words you hope to use to describe your relationships. How about well planned, frugal, precise, productive, serious, busy? Though these can be characteristics of a strong, healthy relationship, they are not likely what make a relationship so appealing. What was it about the beginning of your relationship that made it so attractive? What is it about your partner that made you want to spend time with him or her? When couples first meet they usually spend a significant amount of time engaging in fun activities together and spending quality time getting to know each other”

Relax: Benefits of Leisure Go Beyond the Moment “Doing the things you enjoy can be good for your health, according to a new study by Professor Matthew Zawadzki, a health psychologist with the University of California, Merced. The study, published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, shows that leisure activity can provide immediate stress relief and other health benefits to just about anyone. But as shown in Zawadzki’s previous research, the activity must be mentally engaging — too many distractions can negate the effects. “

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